5 Dog Friendly Off-Leash Beaches in the Bay Area

5 Dog Friendly Off-Leash Beaches in the Bay Area

If your doggo is anything like my English Springer Spaniel, Hank, they have lots of energy and love a good swim. Here are some dog friendly, off-leash beaches in the Bay. If you'd like to add to the list, leave me a comment! We love to explore. :)

Pacifica State Beach

Pacifica is a wide, crescent-shaped beach located off Highway 1 in downtown Pacifica. It’s not only super convenient for surfers – with a large, free parking lot – but also friendly to dogs. Hank was able to run down a long stretch of the beach and hop in and out of the water without disturbing the surfers - win/win!

Bonus tip: Look for whales!


Bolinas Beach

Bolinas Beach is a quiet public beach in Bolinas and a beautiful drive down curvy Highway 1 along the lagoon. Hank loves riding with the windows down on our Bolinas route! Lots of dogs roam around off-leash while their paw-rents surf and lounge on the sandy beach.

Bonus tip: Take the scenic route home and enjoy the beautiful views of the Nicasio Reservoir.  


Point Emery

Point Emery, in Emeryville, is a small strip of beach with views of the Bay Bridge and the Berkeley Marina. If you live in the East Bay and want to take your dog somewhere quick after work, this is your spot. There is usually a surplus of good sticks for fetching, too!

Bonus tip: There is a walking trail along the ocean if you want to squeeze in a walk before or after play time.


Rodeo Beach

Rodeo Beach is a beach in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area located in Marin County, just two miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll want a good chunk of time for this one, as the surrounding areas as worth exploring with your pup on-leash. This best thing about this beach is its size – it’s huge! Hank couldn’t hardly stand how much space he had to run free.

Bonus tip: Make your way up to the Point Bonita Lighthouse – the views are stunning!


Carmel River State Beach

This mile-long, powdery white sand beach is completely worth the two-ish hour drive from San Francisco. I highly recommend timing your visit around sundown and catching a sunset here with your pup. Hank and I have made the trip a handful of times and stayed the night in Big Sur – another dog-friendly destination.

Bonus tip: Enjoy views of the Bixby Canyon Bridge and check out Riverside Campgrounds for an overnight glamping getaway.


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