Custom Order - Williams

Custom Order - Williams

$ 375.00

16 x 48 custom watercolor portrait

Canoe w/ oars - $95

Belle - $95

Maggie - $95

Baby - $95

BeeBee - $95

Fannie - $95

Boxy - $45

Paper - $25 plus $15 for shipping tube (UPS shipping rate TBD)

Belle will be at the head of the canoe facing out (side profile); Maggie will be on the opposite end but looking in the same direction; Baby will be facing us and will be in the middle; to the right and a little behind Baby will be Lulu and BeeBee - Beebee's ears will be perked and Lulu's ears will be flopped over; to the left of Baby will be Fannie who will be sitting and facing us; Boxy will be perched on the bow of the canoe. All animals will have their respective collars and name plates on. Belle's is red, Maggie's is camo, Baby's is pink, Lulu's is TBD, Beebee's is TBD, Fannie will have a pink collar peeping through her fur but her name plate will be visible, and her collar will have a bow on it which will also be visible. Boxy will have no collar.